Chartered Manager

The Chartered Management Institute is the only body able to award Chartered Manager status in the UK. The Chartered Manager process requires candidates to demonstrate how they have developed as a manager and how they have applied their leadership and change management skills to achieve significant business impact.

The Chartered Manager process requires a candidates skills and behaviours as a manager to be assessed via the following steps:

* A self and peer group appraisal reflecting on their use of essential management skills in day to day work.
* Submission of their CPD record showing how you have developed your management skills and kept them up to date.*
* A demonstration of how they have applied your leadership and change management skills to achieve significant business impact.
* A Panel interview

Chartered Manager Skills

Essential management skills

Leading People

* Provides clear purpose and direction
* Inspires trust, respect and shared values
* Communicates clearly and succinctly
* Develops and supports individuals and team members
* Resolves problems and conflicts with positive outcomes
* Consistently applies strategic thinking
* Adapts leadership style to take account of diverse situations

Managing Change

* Encourages others to be creative and innovative
* Identifies opportunities for change and development
* Scopes, plans and drives change
* Manages others through the change process
* Takes account of all stakeholder issues

Meeting Customer Needs

* Develops effective customer relationships
* Creates customer-driven improvements to products or services
* Manages activities to meet customer requirements
* Works to improve levels of customer service and satisfaction

Managing Information and Knowledge

* Establishes information management and communications systems
* Provides and uses appropriate information to support decision-making
* Develops and exploits organisational knowledge and skills
* Manages complexity to positive effect

Managing Activities and Resources

* Optimises use of financial and other resources
* Increases operational efficiency and effectiveness
* Plans and prioritises projects and activities
* Delivers on time, to budget and to the standard required

Managing Yourself

* Demonstrates resilience in achieving personal goals
* Uses appropriate levels of influence and persuasion
* Applies good professional and ethical practice
* Develops effective personal networks


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