International Association of Internet Professionals

The International Association of Internet Professionals (IAIP) is a nonprofit trade association established to provide an international network and community forum for individuals involved in the digital industry to meet, communicate and collaborate. The IAIP acts as a social network that can be used by industry professionals to interact with industry peers from around the world. IAIP members include individuals, businesses and institutions with expertise in marketing, mobile, social, analytics, search and emerging technologies.

The IAIP, founded in 2010, seeks to provide a global hub that connects Internet professionals across the world where individuals can collaborate to build cumulative knowledge. A central aim of the IAIP is to foster career advancement, the sharing of best practices and to provide a platform for members to network within an open source model.

The IAIP's headquarters are located in Richmond, Virginia, United States. The IAIP was founded by Jonathan Sackett, Chief Digital Officer of The Martin Agency, and Azher Ahmed, Director of Technology at The Martin Agency. The IAIP originally was launched as the National Association of Internet Professionals in the United States and grew to 12,000 members across the nation. After it began to draw international members, the decision was made to abandon the national group and start the IAIP.

The IAIP also serves as a sponsor of Web Wise Kids, a nonprofit association dedicated to empowering today's youth to making wise choices online.


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