NACE International

NACE International is a professional organization for the corrosion control industry established in 1943. As of 2010, there are approximately 22,312 NACE members in over 100 countries. NACE International is involved in every industry and area of corrosion prevention and control, from chemical processing and water systems, to transportation and infrastructure protection. NACE's main focus of activities includes cathodic protection, coatings for industry and material selection for specific chemical resistance.

NACE was formerly known as the National Association of Corrosion Engineers.

NACE publishes the journals Materials Performance (MP) and Corrosion. NACE also publishes standard practice, test method, and material requirements standards for use by industry and other Corrosion societies. Standing committees periodically review and update the standards every five years. An annual conference is held in the United States for the entire organization and several regional meetings and conferences around the world.

NACE is one of many world wide corrosion societies. As according to the NACE standards the pipe materials for sour and corrosive services of industries are selected and manufactured and these material grades are associated with ASME Sec. 2A standards also.


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