Standards Engineering Society

The Standards Engineering Society is the largest organization for standards users and professionals.

It was established in 1947 as a not-for-profit, professional membership society dedicated to furthering the knowledge and use of standards and standardization. SES is the only organization in North America dedicated exclusively to this effort. SES provides a neutral networking forum where standards users and developers can come together to address mutual issues, opportunities, and interests in ways that work to the benefit of everyone involved with, or affected by, standards.

SES worldwide membership includes standards developers, users, managers, and information specialists from industry, government, standards developing organizations, trade associations, and academia. SES represents the United States and Canada in the International Federation of Standards Users (IFAN) and is accredited as a standards developing organization by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Certification Programs

SES operates a certification program to demonstrate professional competence in the standards field. Certification can be obtained in the following areas: standards information, standards management, standards application, and standards development. The certification process includes the completion of an application to collect information on education and experience and a test based on several standards-related publications. There are two certification categories – Associate Standards Professional Certification (AStd.) and Standards Professional Certification (CStd.). After completing the program, members are entitled to use one of these SES designations


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