Project Management

Certification is of significant importance in the project management (PM) industry. Certification refers to the evaluation and recognition of the skills, knowledge, and/or competence of a practitioner in the field.

Project management certifications come in a variety of flavors:

* Competence-based programs wherein an individual must provide evidence of actual, on-the-job performance
* Knowledge-based programs wherein an individual must pass an exam
* Experience-based programs wherein an individual must provide evidence of training or education in the field.

PM organizations which run certification programmes include:

* American Academy of Project Management AAPM
* Association for Project Management (APM)
* Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM)
* CompTIA Project+
* The International Association of Project and Program Management.
* International Project Management Association (IPMA)
* International Project Management Commission (IPMC)
* Project Management Institute (PMI)
* Stanford University Advanced Project Management (SAPM)
* Telecommunications Project Management Association (TPMA)


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